Sunday, May 30, 2010

Introducing Camino Allegre DD Brisa

I traded Feathered Goat Farm a buck for a doe of choice. I was going to wait until next year but then, this little doe was born. AAAAH, it was love at first site.
MY plan this year was to breed my lovely Tirzah to Piddlin Acres KR Tapdance but he passed away this last winter. I was heartbroken as I had sold all the offspring of his I had thinking I'd get more. I did sell Nizhoni's Joie de Vivre *D/*M's 2009 buck kid to Camino Allegra to use on all their does. They in turn decided to get out of Nigies for the most part and concentrate on Nubians and Boers so they sold 4 pregnant does to Feathered Goat Farm. LUCKY ME!!! This doe is out of CBF TD Daredevil and Grey's N Goats Zelda. Brisa looks a lot like her lovely Auntie Kokoro Kiseki who now resides in Arizona at Pecan Grove Ranch. I will be doing a post about my beautiful Koko later but had to share our newest addition - she's only 2 weeks old now. Her littermate sister is already sold but her brother is still available if anyone is interested.

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