Friday, May 21, 2010

Daredevil, Stars and other musings from the Hobby Farm

So over the last few weeks I've been trying to decide if my Stars was pregnant. The consensus is, that she is not - she's due June 22 and there is NO UDDER.
I wanted to go take her back to Jazzy Blues but my time right now is pretty limited. Then, I started getting pictures of the udders of Joie's 2009 set of babies. And the kids from Joie's buck kid CBF TD Daredevil) from last year - out of Tapdance who is now passed on.
My desire was to breed Tirzah to Tapdance this year but after finding out he had passed away......and after seeing Daredevil's kids.......and after discovering that Stars wasn't bred.....I took Stars to visit Daredevil. So NOW I hope I will be seeing some Stars/Daredevil kids in October.
This is a close linebreeding on Joie who was my Supermilker so I am really looking forward to these kids. A little side note here: Stars' dam, Twinkle Lil' Star has now been in milk over 400 days.....she was just bred so we will look forward to seeing her second freshening shortly before
Stars kids if she gets bred soon.


Anonymous said...

I had tow like these and loved them. They were named Tic and Tac! so cute

D. said...

That is CUTE! I love those names.