Friday, May 14, 2010

Perfect Mozarella and Tirzah.

My beautiful Tirzah has been in milk now for a little over 2 months. She has dropped some from the last time I weighed her milk but that was my fault. I separated her son from her because he's a bit of a randy little fellow and was irritating the girls in the pen with them so i began bottle feeding him. But Hope was really only nursing off of one side while the other side was dropping. When I noticed the drop finally I separated Hope off as well and began milking 2X a day. I am slowly bringing Tirzah back up but I did weigh her milk yesterday and the amounts aren't as horrible as I expected. Yesterday she did 1.3 and 1.4 lbs of milk in her am and pm milkings. NOW, to put all that milk to use.......

I stayed up WAAAAAY too late but for good reason.
I made PERFECT Mozarella cheese. Oh my what a rush! I really do enjoy making cheese.
I want to learn to make lots of different kinds of cheese but so far I can only boast 3 - Chevre, Mozarella and Ricotta. I've made Feta twice and it only turned out good ONCE! Lame. It's funny what little things get you excited.
We are 3 weeks away from our next kidding - Coral. Keeping fingers and toes crossed for twin doelings. Still am unsure if Stars is Pregnant or not - she sure doesn't look it but I never saw her come back into heat. I am thinking about sending her blood in (with Corals) for CAE, CL and pregnancy testing. (I'll skip the preg test on Coral though, she is very obviously pregnant!)
If she's not - she's got a hot date with the new buck.....

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WeldrBrat said...

Ohhhhh, gosh!!! It would be so cool if you could shoot pictures next time you make cheese! Sadly - I must confess. I, practically, bow down to cheese. And that's the store-bought kind. I can already tell - I would be in soooo much trouble with fresh from the udder! LOL