Saturday, May 29, 2010

Flowing with Milk AND HONEY

So yesterday I was planning a day in Albuquerque and woke up to a sick child. Bummer - so we have to stay home. I did my usual things, and later in the afternoon Hubby calls and says to me
So, what would you say to getting a beehive tonight. I have been dreaming of a beehive for YEARS! As a matter of fact before all the does began kidding - I recall saying to hubby - if we have another good doe year I'm going to buy a beehive set up. ( UNfortunately, it has NOT been a good doe year - byebye Hive) So of course I said A HIVE? When, Where, HOW?
One of the student who works for Hubby, his parents are beekeepers and avid gardeners said they wound up with too many hives and bees. So After Hubby and student were talking about gardening, goats, etc., talked to his parents and they offered us a hive and the bees they ordered but because they had eaten all the honey in their shipping container had to be released last night.
Soooo, Hubby's student employee and his dad (very sweet folks by the way) came down, set up the hive, talked to us about how to keep the hive. WE loaded them up with soap, homegrown apple chips, goat cheese and homegrown lettuce plus some herbs
And NOW we have a real beehive with bees in our garden - a DREAM come true at last. Isn't that so cool?
Here's Hubby with his thrown together bee suit (that's a lingerie bag on his head - INGENIOUS!!!!! LOL!) He said he's heading to Hay's Honey Farm today to see if we can get some used equipment - smoker, bee helmet and gloves. Otherwise - guess what hubby is getting for father's day?
OH, we can't harvest for a year but that's okay - we will spend a lot of time dreaming about all the fun things we can make out of the wax and honey (soap, candles, ornaments, use it in other products........)

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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oooh! So happy for you! I've always had a dream of raising bees. Lucky you!
There is nothing I like more than honey on my greek yogurt. Manna from heaven!