Friday, February 27, 2009

Y is for Y THIS?

Well, we spent the last 2 days in the hospital post the diagnosis given Thursday morning for Hodgekins Lymphoma. For those of you following along - yes, this post will also have to do with goats as well as the medical update for Alyssa.

We went in Thursday morning for our follow up appt. with Dr. Martin. The biopsy came back positive for Lymphoma and they sent us strait to the pediatric Oncology/Hematology dept.
We met with Dr. Butros who gave us the low down on what to expect - first thing was admission to the hospital for further tests (you'd think after the first two times I'd stop thinking our appts are going to be short and quick and that we'd be home soon - doesn't seem to be happening!)
Anyway.....after getting the lowdown on tests and stuff we were admitted to the Pediatric Special Care Unit and UNMH. WOW what a nice place - each kid has their own room and there are 4 kids to each nurse. They take super good care of their kiddos there. They began taking tests right away and I needed to run home and get some stuff for the possible 4 day stay. They did an EKG and an EchoCardioGram on her last night and then this morning she had to have a PET/CT scan. The Dr. who would put in her port (the "outlet" where they give her the chemo treatments) was out of town so they went ahead and released us for the weekend (Thank you LORD!!!!) so she will have to go back in on Monday for a pulmonary appt and then will be re-admitted in the evening to prepare for the Port implant and a Bone Marrow Biopsy.

The PET/CT scan showed that her Lymphoma is fairly localized - in her neck and upper chest which is good - we are only dealing with stage 2. The Bone Marrow Biopsy will tell if it is in her bone marrow as well or if we are only dealing with affected lymph nodes.

The Pediatric Cancer ward is full of the nicest folks. They really take incredible care of their kids - only the best. So far - we believe it. She has gotten the royal treatment. So have we. They have social workers that work on behalf of the families in ALL areas, they give support in any and all areas you need, The Dr.s and Nurses have a great teamwork process going and are very responsive and Wonderful. When Dr. Mathew released Aly tonight her said - give her a hug for me and go home!!!!!
Grandma, Dad, Grandma cipie and Auntie Geri have been awesome playing tag team care for the other kids and us. Couldn't even do it without them!!!!

NOW - a lot of you all ask us HOW can you help. Well, I know that my dear friends Tara and Linda are starting a fund for us to take care of our financial needs - medical bills etc. so if you want to talk to them - please let me know by emailing me and I'll put you in touch. I would love to have donations of SOFT cotton yarn or gift certificates to Village Wools for me to buy yarn to make some hats for the kiddos on the ward who are getting treatments. but they have to be of the softest yarn there is as these squirts have bald little heads. Our nearest roommate was a baby - probably 8-10 mo. Alyssa may have been the oldest kiddo on the ward . There are tons in between.
I MAY be putting several of my goats up for sale AFTER kidding/weaning. I cannot milk 5 goats right now so I will go down to the bare minimum. I am not out for good - we'll be back but until then I have to make sure my precious goaties are well taken care of. Right now I have a situation for a couple if I need it and then I will possibly be selling af few more as we wean and sell babies - ALL babies who aren't already spoken for will be for sale - no bucks - wethers only and of course any does above and beyond the 2 already reserved. IF you are interested please email me and I can give details - only serious inquiries please. I have asked myself Y this? Y us? Y Y Y????? But you know - the LORD is sovereign and HE never gives us more than we can handle. I am not going to sell my goats for cheap just to get them gone. I want to ensure they will be loved and well cared for if we have to sell some and my husband said we can work out the details to keep as many as possible as he thinks Alyssa and I may need the goats in the midst of this insanity. I also will be posting other items for sale too to raise some money for some different things to make our cancer treatment time bearable for all of us. IF you want to email us please do so - we love hearing from everyone and are blessed beyond imagination with all of the prayers and support!!!!! Please be patient with us as the hospital stays are making our computer time limited!!!!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!
Trust me when I say you all are also in our thoughts and prayers.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...


My heart and prayers are with you, your beautiful daughter, and your family during this time.

Much love to all of you and may you feel God's arms around you during each moment.


Elizabeth said...

Hello Bacas! We miss you! You all are in our prayers. My sister is in the same hospital so I hope that I could see you soon :) Proverbs 3:5-6.

D. said...

You bet Sweetie - we will be there all week (starting late this afternoon) in the PSCUnit in the Pavillion = Hugs!