Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tomorrow is the Day

Alyssa has been recovering nicely from her biopsy. She hasn't slept real well as rolling over on the right side hurts and wakes her up but she said she doesn't want to take the Tylenol or anything to help her sleep so she's gonna just deal with it. She said the incision itches like crazy - I told her that means it's healing. She said it's driving her NUTS! She has thoroughly enjoyed her "forced vacation" from school and chores (ha - her week is up and she's back to school)
Mom, Dad, Suzy and Nik are filling in on the chores - much to some of the players' chagrin!
Tomorrow is the big day - we find out exactly what we are dealing with. I think both Alyssa and I are a tad nervous. As she said yesterday "preparing for the worst - hoping for the best, praying for the best!!!!" If any of you are wondering what i'm doing BESIDES chores to fill up my time please check out the FiberPhanatic blog - link to the right. That will give you a good idea of what I'm doing!!!!!

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Joyce Family said...

We are lighting the candle tonight and leaving it on until we get your call tomorrow. We will be praying HARD!!!
Love you
The Joyces