Monday, February 23, 2009

CBF Ent's Whistling Dixie

Dixie got the mommie treatment today too - she wasn't as mad at me as Twinkle was but we found treasures today = Another nice little udder is in the making!!!!
Look at how pretty this little doe stands. OH that reminds me - I measured the girls today too and I got 18 inches for Dixie, 20 inches for Twinkle and a little over 19 inches for Joie - DON"T grow any more Twinkle!!!!!!

OH, Nice little udder bump. I cannot wait to start milking these girlie girls and see how they produce and how milkable their udders are. I forgot to get a pregnancy bump picture of Dixie but she's growing WIDER - But no one in my herd is as wide as JOIE - She's HUGE!!!!

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