Sunday, February 15, 2009


V is for Valentine's Day. I'm sure some of you are asking - what the heck does Valentine's day have to do with Goats???? Well, last year we had triplets born on Valentine's day.....That's what!!!!! I wish we could have done it again this year but because the weather has been so nuts I'm glad we didn't.
These are the two little boys Crash and Racer aka: Mud Pie and Moon Pie of Laughing Orca Ranch.

Here is my bratty little doe - Twinkle who didn't want to stand for the picture.

New borns - right on Valentines Day!

Here is the doe again. Getting cleaned off by mom. I tell you, I cannot think of a more fun way to celebrate Valentine's day than to have new baby goats!!!!!
So yesterday, the triplets turned 1 year old. I spent the day out in the goat pen cleaning and getting ready for our first set of Babies of the year due in two weeks.
Yep, this last year sped by.......Happy Valentine's Day everyone - I hope you all got lots of Chocolate and had a beautiful day with your loved ones!!!!!

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