Monday, February 23, 2009


Well, there are lots of things that start with W that pertain to goats. first are wethers. For those of you who don't know - it's a male goat who has been castrated - these little critters make the best pets because you don't have to milk them and you don't have to hear them holler when they are in heat and they aren't NASTY like the bucks.
I am of the opinion that MOST bucks should be wethered unless they are so incredibly outstanding - but i am one of few who believes this!!! The reason is you really don't need that many bucks to service your does. I do not sell bucks unless I keep them and use them first and I won't keep a buck who carries my name unless he's AWESOME and his mom, and granddams are too!. So far, I don't have that kind of track record so - no bucks.
Okay - so I bet you are wondering why I put W is for Waiting and Weather. WELL - it's because we are in the final waiting stages of our first kids of the year - Our first due date is this Sunday - March 1 - I cannot wait. I am even more eager for our first Nigie kids but I have to wait a whole month for them to be born. UGH!!!! WEATHER is because goats have the uncanny knack of WAITING to give birth until there is the most obnoxious WEATHER.... WOULD they dare to kid on their due date if it is beautiful? NAH - why bother when they can WAIT until the middle of a storm or windy or some other such obnoxious WEATHER? I remember that Joie, waited to kid her first year until we were in the midst of a heat WAVE to have her doeling UGH. So, even if the WEATHER is supposed to be nice this weekend - I'm sure that Narnia will WAIT to have those kids when the WEATHER is NASTY!!!!! Yep that is a goat for ya! Next up is some bonus posts of the goats who got shaved, wormed, vaccinated, hooves trimmed and photographed in anticipation of kidding one month from now -WOOHOO!

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