Friday, February 13, 2009

Biopsy Expectations

Yesterday was Aly's Biopsy consultation. They gave us the lowdown on her tests and
told us what they are proposing to do so here it is. On Tuesday afternoon they will put
her under general anesthesia and make an incision in her neck to take part of or all of the mass in her neck. While she's under they are also proposing to do the Bone Marrow Biopsy and another one (sorry, I forgot the name) so she didn't have to go thru those AGAIN at a later date IF it was Lymphoma because they will only do them under local anesthesia and they might be a bit painful. SOOOOOO....looks like we are in for another day at the hospital on Tuesday.
I have to be honest. My stomach is in KNOTS right now and I feel like throwing up. They Scheduled the F/U appt for the following Thursday because the only other day they had an appt was Monday and they didn't think they'd have all the results in.
My precious daughter is living for the moment - Last night her and her brother, sister and dad all tested for their yellow belts in Kenpo Karate and earned the new belt rank - Yellow.
I am so proud of them. They are all running around beaming from EAR to EAR!!!!! It is definitley a bright spot for us all.

Thank you Linda S. for kidnapping my precious daughter for a day on the town - she loved it
Thank you S.Nagy and family for the precious gift of pampering you gave Aly - she is feeling so wrapped in love right now.
I also have a situation worked ot for 2 of my goats should the need arise so I am feeling a little less stressed right now - I also have stepped down as my club's assistant leader and as Sect. of one of the Saturday Shows at the Quad show to keep my stress levels to a minimum.
Hugs to all of you!

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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Woot! Woot! Congrats on the Yellow Belts!!
And thanks for the updates. I'll be keeping her in my prayers. Now stop worrying...there is nothing you can do between now and then, except pray and live life as fully and as joyfully as you can.

Hang in there sweetie!