Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Post Op Update/Radiation Update.

For those of you who don't know yet - I'm home - got to come home late yesterday afternoon after surgery. I was wheeled in at 7:30am and I came too around 12:00. They only took out 1/2 the Thyroid and the nodule so it doesn't appear that they were overly concerned about it's being cancer. They sent the nodule to pathology and we should have results in about a week or so.
Aly is officially half done with radiation at this point and other than it makes her tired she's doing very well with it. I'm very proud of her. WE will be done with radiation on July 10.
My mom has had the kids this week and Aaron has been with me the whole time spoiling me rotten (there may be no living with me after this one - JUST KIDDING!!!) I am ready to get back to normal life already. I have more or less been asleep or reading from the time I got home till now and I'm finally starting to feel like a normal human again.


"My Blessings" said...

Thanks for the update! I haven't stopped thinking of you...had been wantint to call, but didn't want to bother...I just appreciate the blog...we'll talk soon my friend...hopefully I can come visit soon? love you, denise

D. said...

I hope so too - maybe this coming week you can come by for a little while - We'd love to see you!