Thursday, July 23, 2009

My How They Grow.

At Quad show this doe seemed so small I was beginning to think maybe she was going to be a tiny little think. Well, Today I shaved her for the Bosque Farms Fair next week and look at the lovely girl I found under the hair. she has the nicest body capacity of any of my youngsters, a nice wide chest floor, good ribbing, long lovely neck
Good width from thurl to thurl and between the hocks. I can't wait to see how she freshens out this coming spring.
And is probably one of the most well put together does I've bred to date. This is with minimal setting up. I also love the beautiful head on this girl. IF Tirzah is not bred to Storm she will head out to have a date with Koko's sire PiddlinAcres KR Tapdance because Tirzah is Joie's half sister and I like this breeding so much I'd like to get another doe close to Koko if I can. IF she is pregnant she is due in Sept and I'll breed her to Tapdance in the spring.
I am thinking hard about breeding this doe to Lora's buck Nekoda or her new buck Warrick.
Probably will do Nekoda, since I've been wanting to breed a doe to him for a long time now.

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