Tuesday, July 14, 2009

LAST Radiation Treatment

Yesterda was Alyssa's LAST radiation treatment - WAHOOOOOOO!!!!! Remember back in the beginning we talked about her mask that bolted her head to the table so she couldn't move? Here it is. This is her souvenir for completing 14 radiation treatments. She is done. We go back in one month to do a Follow up with Dr. Liem and then they send us back over to Pediatric Oncology for her follow ups and tests there. Our next hurdles are the re-testing phase (I'm guessing PET/CT scan and XRays and Blood Tests.) and then the removal of her port with at least one or two all clear scans.
Yep - we are wanting to be done but it sure will be nice to not have to drive to ABQ daily and get those nasty radiation treatments. WE are doing the happy dance here!!!
I forgot to Thank some more folks for their support and stuff - Gwen - thank you for themeal and including the recipe - WE love the white chili. YUMMMY!!! I am glad you included the recipe because it is a great one to make for others when we do meals for folks. My kids loved it and so did I and we ended up eating more than once with it because it made so much.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Yay! Such great news. That mask is just crazy. What is she planning on doing with it? Decorating it with beads and feathers and placing it on the wall?


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Brate said...

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