Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Radiation Update/Post Op. Update.

This will be a last Post Op Update - I just had to tell everyone about a recent blessing. After my surgery I was craving Blueberry Pie (this is not a first for me - I LOVE Blueberry Pie) Anyway, my precious DH went looking for one and couldn't find one, even my wonderful mom called all over ABQ to see if they could find one NO ONE HAS A BLUEBERRY PIE!!!!! So I guess my parents were telling the Traegers, my cousin's inlaws at church on Sunday and Judy and her daughter made us - not one but TWO beautiful blueberry pies.

Thank you Judy and Girls!!!! If you look closely there is evidence that one pie has had some pieces snitched off - I DID NOT DO THIS - I was driving and watching my daughter snitch pieces of the pie - It was killing me!!!!!Judy's husband brought the pies over to the Cancer center while we were there getting Alyssa's 11th treatment - That's right folks - only 3 to go!!!!!

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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Yummo! What a generous thing to do!