Monday, July 6, 2009

Post Op Update/Radiation Update

All of our medical stuff seems to go hand in hand these days. Alyssa had her appt with Radiology at 12:30pm today and then met with the Radiation Oncologist - Dr. Liem today. He seemed to be thinking pretty positively about how radiation was going - she doesn't seem to be having the side effects really but reiterated what to watch out for. WE are. 5 appts to go and we are done and will find out what next. We also had to go in and have her port flushed - it's always such an ordeal. It took about 1hour and 15 minutes to get a 5 minute port flush done. But it is done for another month. Then my follow up appt with Dr. Spafford (ENT Doc) was today. They said that I have a Follicular Adenoma - in plain English - A benign cyst AKA NOT CANCER!!!! PARTY time! I cried happy tears. I know waaaaaaay back in February when we were dealing with the
diagnostic stages of Alyssa's Lymphoma I mentioned that God had sent a Guardian Angel in the form of Dr. Ingle. Well, after not seeing him for a long time guess who showed up in ER for my surgery - the last thing I remember was him squeezing my arm and saying everything was going to be okay. Funny, I was flooded with peace from that moment on. I kind of knew when they sent me home that day that we probably weren't looking at cancer. I saw him again today and he gave me a big hug and said he was so glad it is not cancer and that he was really happy to hear Alyssa was almost done with Radiation. Thank you God for Guardian Angels.
I used to hate Dr's and the hospital and while I don't relish the nearly 3 hour visits we seem to be having - strangely the hospital isn't such a scary place any more. I am praying now that if the door opens I might go back to school at some point in time to pursue a nursing career - who knew how old I'd have to be before I realize what I REALLY wanted to be in life. But I am not pushing it either. I still have kids to homeschool and raise and a goat herd to manage etc. etc.
I guess when the time is right - the doors will open up.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

That's such great news! I had a benign cyst years ago. It was scary until I knew for sure after it was removed and tested.


D. said...

I am so glad yours was benign too - it is scary!!!