Saturday, July 4, 2009

Post Op and Radiation Update.

Today is 4 days post Op and I'm feeling good and getting antsy. I want to do so much but my neck reminds me that indeed I did have surgery. UGH. The swelling is reducing and I can swallow pretty well now. Dr. said walking was good so I went for a short walk with my neighbor's today (very short). I see all the chores I need to do and it's driving me crazy because I'm sure that most of them fall under the strenuous category which dr. orders say 3 weeks of not doing strenuous....GRRRRR. I'm sure all these chores will be here when I'm done though.
I sure found out a lot about Alyssa's Radiation this week when I wasn't there - like - the first Monday appt wasn't an actual radiation appt. Got marked and they did a dry run but no radiation was done. Also there is still a question as to whether or not we owe a copay at each appt. We were told yes, the office keeps saying they don't believe so. So far no one has given us a definitive answer. Alyssa was supposed to meet with Dr. Liem on Monday but he wasn't in so she met with Dr. Wong on Tuesday. She really likes Dr. Wong. I hope we can meet with him from now on. Oh, and because the Radiation Center was closed on Friday, we have to go for this coming full week and then the following monday so we won't be done until July 13th. DARN - we were hoping to be all done by July 9! Off to clean off the table and make some soap.


Welcome To Wilmoth Farms said...

I havent been reading your blog (just found it recently) long enough to know what was going on....I wish the two of you well! My DH had a thyroid taken out a few years ago, thank goodness it didnt have any cancer! Will pray for you both, I'm a cancer survivor 5 years this year! So it touches my heart when I hear of someones story and battle with my prayers - Rachel

D. said...

Thank you so much, I'm always glad to hear about those on the other side since we are still in the midst of the battle with our daughter. I have hopes that, like your hubby, mine in not cancerous!
We appreciate ALL the prayers we get!