Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bosque Farms Fair/Medical Updates

As most of you know we've had a rough year here at CBF Nigerians. I am TIRED.
We were planning on showing at the Aug. 1, 2009 ADGA Youth and Open show in Estancia but because we decided that our tight budget was better spent on hay, CAE testing the whole herd and a new buck who should improve our herd in both the milk pail and the showring we decided we were calling in quits for the year after the Bosque Farms Fair show. This is a 2 hour in the evening on Friday at the local fair. It's really just for fun!!!! I hope more folks come show this year than did last year (we swept EVERY class last year but every goat there had our name on it even if we didn't own it!!!! BUMMER!!!) I would so like to see an even better turnout this year - just for fun though many folks are probably planning on using that time to get ready for the Saturday show. Aside from the news that we will (GOD willing) be adding a new buck to our herd next year we are also going to take two does to get sonogrammed on Friday and since a lease buck we were going to get didn't work out I'm hoping these two are pregnant. I had a back up plan and I will use it now. I will be accepting a reservation (no money until birth) on the two does that are due (mid to late Sept and Oct 2) Everything but a doe kid out of Tirzah will be for sale. Bucks will be wethered and sold as pets unless we get a blue eyed buck kid out of Joie - that is reserved. Then we will begin our breeding plans in as early as October. For those of you interested in doe kids out of our herd this spring here are the tentative plans. If Tirzah isn't pregnant - she will go visit Joie's beau from last year in October, Piddlin Acres KR Tapdance, First doe is owner reserved. Next is CBF TD Kokoro Kiseki - she will be going to visit MCH Lost Valley ML Nekoda *S in Nov/Dec along with CBF CS Paint Th'Sky With Stars who will go visit MCH Flying Goat Jazzy Blues *S for a linebreeding on MCH Lost Valley KW Orion *S. This breeding also will bring in PrairieWood Player *D who was breed leader last year for one day milk test production!. Jazzy's dam earned her star this year as well at our club's one day test. Owner reserves a doe kid from Nekoda and Koko. Little Darkwind Blue Denim Coral is so small right now that I have NO current plans to breed her unless she hits a major growth spurt between now and December. IF she gets big enough to breed over the winter she will go visit our own CBF TD Daredevil who is owned by Camino Allegre in Belen, He is out of Joie and Tapdance. That's the plans for now. IF any of the above mentioned breedings interest you please let us know. Hope you all have a fun rest of your show year and Good luck to all our readers who are heading into State and County Fairs - we wish you all the best for big wins!!!!

That is all for the goat news. Now for the medical news - ha - there isn't any BUT We signed up to be team leaders for the 2009 NM Lymphoma/Leukemia Society 'LIGHT THE NIGHT' walk.
We are looking for sponsors for our team. If you are at all interested, please feel free to go to our team website to donate on line or email me and you can donate to us through snail mail. The walk takes place on Sept 26, 2009 and we welcome any and all donators and walkers to come and join us!!!!!

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