Friday, July 24, 2009

Organization of the Week - Cancer Services of NM

The Cancer Services of NM recently put on a zoo night for kids with Cancer. This was our first introduction to this group and we had a roarin' good time at Zoo Night. It was in the Evening and the only folks there were the cancer patients and their families. They fed us dinner, allowed us time to walk around the zoo, had a drawing for some GREAT prizes

Mr. Polar Bear is sulking because NO one wanted to paint his face!!!
And he's not invited to the next event put on by this wonderful Organization: The Family Cancer Retreat in Glorietta , NM. OH, and he didn't get a goodie bag or free pizza from Papa John's, one of the Corporate Sponsors: BTW - this is a great place to thank all the Corporate Sponsors for caring about kids with cancer to sponsor events such as this one which blesses NM families dealing with the trials of having a child with cancer - Thank you Gap Inc, Papa John's, NW Optimists, Isotopes, Graphic Connection, Creamland, Advanced Communication & Electronics, Everest Digital Scanning, KRST 92.3,, and the Printer's press. You all are AWESOME!!!!

Beautiful Peacock was strutting his stuff at zoo night as well.
Alyssa strutted like a pea cock after winning a brand new Nintendo DS in the door prize drawing. Despite the humidity it was a lovely relaxing evening at the zoo. I hadn't been in a long time so I was kind of bummed that I didn't have time to walk around to all the exhibits. I guess that means that we will have to put that AWESOME family membership to use more often from my mom's boss - Thank you Again Maggie for that AWESOME gift!!!! And Thank you Cancer Services of NM for all you do!!!! If anyone wants to Donate to this worthy organization - you can go to their website at

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