Friday, November 19, 2010

I can't believe it's November!

I was just realizing it is November and was thinking back over the year and Wow - I can't believe what huge things can happen in 1 year. My herd has changed and evolved. Some of the changes were ones I couldn't help and other's were changes I thought were necessary. Every now and again I have twinges of "did I do the right thing?" Or would I take a "do-over" if I could. Looking out at my present herd and the possibilities that could be over the next two years? Probably not. But at the same time - I must say I let go some GREAT animals
and am really happy they've done well in their new homes.
For instance - the little brown guy in the back of this photo - that little guy I wanted to keep but at the time I owned his dam, littermate sister, half sister and dam's half sister. I only had ONE doe to breed him to. So I sold him to another farm. CBF TD Daredevil has gone on to sire about 10 kids with more on the way. Many of them are lovely animals.
This is his littermate sister - Kokoro Kiseki - who I was going to keep but was feeling like I needed to change my herd up some - So I sold her and her dam to
Pecan Grove in Arizona. I must say of all the goats I've sold I miss Joie the most. She was my first Star milker and yes, one of my better milkers EVER!!!! But I owned her half sister whom I adore. I've now seen Koko, grow up , freshen, and produce a beautiful buck kid for the Pecan Grove Farm.
Another twinge - yeah, sure but I couldn't have done what Pecan Grove did this year - they have Joie and Koko on 305 day test and both girls were in a few shows and proved that they could hold their own in a VERY competitive show ring ! I was even told by a breeder that Koko is possibly one of the best goats at Pecan Grove - that is my girl! I was even honored further by the fact that they kept one of Koko's sons and put my farm name in his registered name. The fact that they kept a first fresheners son, that was bred by my farm and is GORGEOUS to boot - wow, I'm honored! Go check out and see Pecan Grove CBF Koko Vanilla Twister! He's a looker! I am excited to hear how both does do on 305 day test this year and I can't wait to see Twister's kids start hitting the ground next spring. HMMM - may have to get me one of those someday!

This spring's kids are growing quick - and I cannot wait to see what the 2011 kidding season brings with this year's generation of CBF goats. I have high hopes for CBF CS Hope Diamond, CBF CS Columbus, CBF CS Carbonado, All of which will contribute to the future of my farm or others.

We are also putting our herd on 305 day test this year. I'm excited to finally get that ball rolling as it's been a dream of mine for a long time now. I may look back wistfully at some of the hard choices we made over the past few years but I also am looking forward with hope to the accomplishments that God will bless us with in the near future!

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