Saturday, November 6, 2010

As The Breeding Pen Turns - Part 2

I should know that taking pictures of your goats eating isn't a good idea. They wouldn't stand but if I hadn't fed them, they'd be in my lap instead! Oh well, The lighter doe is TinFays GD Cleopatra. She is the one who is Bred to Dragonflye USH Ten Zen. A baby from this pair will most like be retained by us. She is due on March 19 or 20th. Along with Miss Priss who was bred to Intrigue for Mini Oberhaslis on March 20th.

Here is a terrible picture of an otherwise beautiful doe. This is our CBF CS Paint Th'Sky with Stars. Stars, as she is affectionately called around here, is one of those girls that I just loved the minute she was born. Her dam, CBF Ent's Twinkle Lil' Stars is one of the does that I would have kept had my teen not been diagnosed with cancer last year. She earned her 2*D in AGS after being in milk for 18+months. That little girl can milk. We sure hope if she's bred she will follow in her dam and granddam's hoofsteps! She is bred to Intrigue for Feb 21 babies.

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