Saturday, November 6, 2010

Update on Life.

I know it probably hard to believe but I've been BUSY! So of course have been scarce from blogger-land. I am hoping with the advent of colder weather, I will have more time to be indoors and on my blogs a bit more! LOL.
I know it is hard to believe that there is actually more to life than just my goats but indeed, lately, there has been. what with holiday season rapidly approaching, I am busy working on projects for arts N crafts shows as well as orders. Here is one I'm working on now - 2 felted stockings for a lovely lady in Tennessee who ordered them. I have two more (alpacas) to do after these are done and off to TN. Also I've been spinning and sewing but you'll have to go check out my Fiber Phanatic Blog for those updates.
Last year in Oct. we were able to visit our dear friends the Joyce's in Dallas TX as part of Alyssa's Make a Wish Trip. This trip was a huge blessing to us as we have hardly gotten to see them since they moved away. This year we volunteered with Make A Wish to help bring blessings to other critically ill children. We spent a morning at the Balloon Fiesta in ABQ, NM selling calendars and programs to raise money for Make A Wish! What a blast that was.
Soap making. Oh my have I ever been making (and selling) soap.
Somedays it's hard for me to believe I get anything done,but make soap. This week I will be labelling and packing up soaps that are already sold. lLet the Christmas season begin. (And please, Lord, help me keep up!)

Also, I have pink hair now. Not completely pink, but am now sporting some racy pink stripes for a dear friend. She decided that (after being diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer) she wanted pink hair before it all fell out (remember Alyssa wanting red hair before it all fell out?) So a huge crowd of us got together at her house and we had a PINK party. about 25 of us got "PINKED" to support her. We also had a fun Tamale making party. About 4 of us got together with kidlets in tow and made tamales. Really was a BLAST!

Now, Im sure you are thinking - but what about the goats? What's going on with the goats - afterall, this is the CBF Nigerian blog. Well, sorry, you'll have to wait for that one as I have a LOT to update about the goats and thought that deserved it's own entry! Tune in next time for
As The Breeding Pen Turns........

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