Saturday, November 6, 2010

HIppity Hooves GD Lucky Star

TADA! this our newest addition. I wasn't really thinking of adding any more does this year. YES, I actually had/have enough. But I got to thinking about breeding for a future buck. Just about everyone here is mostly related so I though, what could I do that would bring in some choice bloodlines that I could breed for future herdsire. I needed a great milker, or something from great milk lines. As luck would have it, Hippity Hooves asked me to come out and do their verification test. Yep, that was my downfall.
I already LOVE the Gideon daughter I already have and many of Gideon's daughters are already doing fantastic in the milk pail. Check out the daughters that JoyfulHearts Farm has or has sold!
And I now know what this little beauty is capable of because of the milk test. Lost Valley PG Bebe is a daughter of ARMCH/GCH Lost Valley KW Bridge's Burn 1*M/*D. (2009 AGS National Champion) I asked the Allen family if they were considering selling one of the twin does they got out of the pair. They were!
So this last month we brought home our newest little gem - Lucky!
I have a bit of a breeding plan for this little doe. It will give me plenty of time to use my Intrigue before Lucky's son will come in and be a 2nd buck for our herd. Thanks Hippity Hooves for our new little beauty!

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