Saturday, November 6, 2010

As The Breeding Pen Turns - Part 1

changes changes. That seems to be the story of my herd. I hope these changes are all for the good of the herd but as usual, NONE were easy. I think long and hard about breeding...what buck would go well with what doe for the desired outcome. Who would complement who and why? This year (2010) wasn't a good year for us really as we had a lot of boys born and just didn't have the income to do what we wanted to do, not to mention we had some setbacks (2 months PLUS lost to soremouth, a double teated doeling, no money to show and most recently our Oberhasli just up and dried up leaving us high and dry this winter since she was supposed to be milked through until the Nigies began kidding in spring) Also a doe that was supposed to be bred not being bred.
All this going on sure made me think long and hard on my goals for the herd and what would help us to accomplish this. This little beauty (CBF CS Hope Diamond) was a huge highlight for us. She is the first daughter to Nizhoni DW Tirzah (Joie's 1/2 sister) and I am SMITTEN. I love this doe and if she has as lovely an udder as her dam and milks as well. I'm thinking we've got a good think going on. So, back to breeding. As most of you know - we brought in a lovely new buck this year from Ironwood Ranch. We hope he is going to put some super correct and very milky kids on the ground. This year he was bred to Stars (CBF CS Paint Th'Sky with Stars) and CBF CS Hope Diamond. We will retain one doeling out of one of the girls.
All others will be for sale. IF both breeding took, we are looking at babies (Star/Intrigue) on February 21st and (Intrigue/Hope) March 1, 2011.

Last but not least is Tirzah. I thought about breeding her to my handsome Intrigue but loved the kids I got out of Tirzah and Storm so I took my free breeding from Nizhoni's who now has Storm and repeated that breeding.
Intrigue (shown here) also was to be bred to TinFays Cleopatra this year but an interesting offer was made - a trade. Jennifer of crazy wisdom dairy ( asked if I'd consider a trade breeding. HMMM - why the heck not? So she bred one of her does to Intrigue and I bred Cleo to her buck Dragonfly USH TenZen.
He's a smaller buck but of Rosasharn's breeding and also carries the Baywatch lines I so like. I hope we get a doe as she will be retained here. Zen is the daughter of TwinCreeks BW Pacifica and Rosasharn's Ushikai who is distantly related to Cleo through the incredible Rosasharn's TigerL. This should be a very interesting cross and I am super excited about seeing what we get. We are expecting babies from this pair around March 20, 2010.
Trigue has also dates with a few other outside does this year. I can't wait to see what he produces.

Other news - we sold Brisa, not really because we wanted to but a situation presented itself and I still have my trade from The Feathered Goat for a doe as I let the sale be theirs. I know that I will have a ton of choices next spring or even the following year . I have one MORE piece of news but she gets her OWN post but first - I need pictures!!

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