Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Update on Goats.

We finally have all the tests done on all the goats: All goats have tested NEGATIVE for CAE.
Joie, Miss Priss, Dixie and Malina were also tested for Johnne's and are NEGATIVE. The reason why the other goats weren't tested for Johnnes is that I didn't own them at the time and they were all tested for CAE before they came on my property so we will get tests on Storm, Narnia, and of course little Tirzah in the spring (Tirzah isn't done at all because she's too young).
We believe that all the does are bred now except Tirzah who is too young to be bred yet.
Due dates are as follows:
1. Narnia - Due March 1, 2oo9 For Boer/Alpine crosses - NONE FOR SALE
2. Joie de Vivre - Due March 24, 2009 to PiddlinAcres KR TapDance
3. Twinkle Lil Star -Due March 26, 2009 to PiddlinAcres H Calm the Storm
4. Whistling Dixie - Due March 27, 2009 to PiddlinAcres H Calm the Storm
2 Does and 2 wethers are reserved already out of these 3 does - I may have a limited number of does and wethers for sale. NO BUCKS available this year.
5. Miss Priss - Due May14th, 2009 to Piddlin Acres H. Calm the Storm for Mini Oberhaslis - does will be available but no bucks/wethers
6. Tirzah - will be bred in March to Lost Valley ML Nekoda *S of PrairieWood Ranch if all goes according to plan. You can see pics of Nekoda on the Herd sires page of Prairie Wood Ranch website -links on top left of the blog page.

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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow. You're gonna be one busy goat mid-wife come March! lol!
Jenna's 6th birthday is March 5th. We look forward to seeing pics of all your kids then. :)

New Mexico