Sunday, December 28, 2008

A is for Alpine, Alfalfa, and Australian Shepherds

So, while checking my post for "B" I realized that my post for "A" was not there - it is lost in CYBERSPACE.... So I have to re-do "A" A is for Australian Shepherds who are the farm guardians around CBF. We don't have much in the way of predators here (except for maybe evil garbage trucks and the late night dog walking neighbor). But these two fearless mutts still alert us when ANYTHING get near the homestead.
A is also for Alpine enjoying her Alfalfa - This is Narnia the newest addition to CBF who is (we hope) carrying 2 Boer/Alpine crosses for the Children to show Market goats this year in 4H. she has great milk genetics (Mom Nivasha, is standing at Harmody Alpines in Colorado is a 3000lb plus milker on 305 day test) Narnia's littermate sister is standing at her breeder's farm still - Pearl Valley Nakuru. Alpine goats are a Swiss Breed originating in Switzerland and are the goat from which we get Oberhaslis (more on that later - when we get to "O") We love our Alpine and are glad she's here but truthfully, not sure what I'm going to do with all that milk from her if she follows in her mom's hoofsteps.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

What a cutie! So what does 'standing' mean?

And why a mix of Boer and Alpine?

Interesting stuff!

New Mexico

D. said...

Standing means that is where she resides. We were offered the Alpine bred to the Boer because we wanted a tested Market goats and most Boer folks don't test (for CAE) so when they offered us Narnia we jumped (same price as a Boer wether who wouldn't be tested)
Long story short that's why (not because I wanted an Alpine but she's cute and sweet as can be so i'm not complaining - UNTIL I'm drowning in MILK in the spring haha