Sunday, December 28, 2008

B is for Blue Eyed Bucky Boy (the Big Bad Buck of CBF)

Okay, so I had a moment of exaggeration - He isn't Big and he's not really bad at all - more or less kind of shy. But he is the king of Goatie world here at CBF - Piddlin Acres H Calm the Storm. THE BUCK. and he is blue eyed. So, he gets his own "B" day here on the blog. For those of you who don't own bucks, I don't recommend it to the faint hearted, they are nasty but sweet critters! How is that possible you ask - well, if you've ever been around a buck in rut, well, they are rather UNPLEASANT - peeing all over themselves and generally stinking up the airspace (for quite a distance) around them(even though the girl's LOVE the buck cologne)Not to mention the noises - trust me, being woken up (or kept awake half the night) by some rather obnoxious noises out in the goat pen isn't fun.
Most of you who know me, know I'm not really BIG on blue eyes but this year the blue eyed bucks just came my way. I really prefer MILK genetics as I'd really like to be known as the little herd that has lots of milk - we will see! Anyway, I did not go out looking for Blue eyed bucks but was in the market for a new buck so I bought a buck from Arizona who did not work out for me, I was given a blue eyed black and white (for those of you who follow my blog - Flying goat Jazzy Blues, who now resides at PrairieWood Ranch) who drove me nuts singing to the girls ALL NIGHT LONG. Then, this little guy came my way. I jumped at the chance since my best milking Nigerian has similar lineage as this guy. JUST so happens, he too has blue eyes. Now that the other two bucks are gone, he is here to pave the way for a new generation of CBF babies. I don't care if he throws me a single blue eyed baby but if he passes down some of those milky genetics he's carrying from both PiddlinAcres and Lost Valley we will be very happy campers indeed!


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Hmmm, well you know the alphabet doesn't start with 'B' right? lol!

What a handsome buck-a-roo, though, blue eyes and all.
I hope he brings you lots of milky lineage and some blue-eyed cuties, too.

Tijeras, NM

D. said...

ME TOO!!! Wink wink.