Thursday, August 14, 2008


Now that the shows are over and we have a moment's rest from sales, shaving, and showing we are beginning to think through our fall lineup. This is the pair I have pictures for. This is Flying Goat Jazzy Blues at 7 mo and CBF TWinkle Lil Star at 5 mo. They will be bred in late Oct or Early November for spring kid crop. My first two doelings are already reserved and we are considering taking ONE more doe kid reservation as we will be breeding 3, possibly 4 does.
El Cerro Wind in the willows will be leaving us soon for a new home - she will be sorely missed as she has done CBF Nigerians proud with two outstanding and wonderful daughters. Janice - I hope she produces some outstanding offspring for your farm as she did for ours. Jazzy will be available for service to CAE free does beginning in Sept.

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