Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Best Laid Plans ......GO HAYWIRE!

Okay - no picture for this. So, because I thought I had my herd settled and was getting ready for breeding season and was beginning to post my breeding plans they suddenly went awry. Jazzy decided that he was going to "sing" to the girls ALL NIGHT LONG. Now ordinarily that wouldn't be a problem but we ONLY live on a half an acre with VERY close neighbors on all sides we aren't going to be able to keep him. Thankfully we found a good breeding home for Mr. Jazz where is going to be shown and appreciated for his breeding abilities. I hope all the lovely ladies at PrairieWood enjoy his crooning and serenading. I know I appreciate Lora for giving Jazzy a really good home. I will miss his Jazzy self but I can't do (nor can my neighbors) 4+ months of his vocal capabilities. Not too mention I woke up (heehee, not sure I ever REALLY slept) really pooped. So anyway - we have to rethink our breeding plans. Will have more on our lineup real soon.

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