Monday, October 5, 2009

Hana, My Hero!

I decided I need to honor people in my life who show me how to live with HIS strength and grace.
My Hero today is Hana. Hana is 6 and is adopted from China like my own precious daughter.
Hana came here with some very serious health issues and has undergone several surgeries for her medical condition...Hana leaves to Cincinnati on Wed for another surgery. If you met Hana, you'd never know what she has been through, what she has to endure daily to keep her from getting sick. Hana does not let her medical condition stop her from being sunshine to those around her. Her smile warms the room and she is a delight to be around (acually, her whole family : Mom, Dad and 4 brothers and sisters are a delight to be around!!!!) She doesn't complain but makes the best of it and really, so does her wonderful family. Hana doesn't let her medical condition limit or define her - she makes me realize that limitations are not obstacles!!!!Hana - WE are praying for you and for your upcoming surgery little girl - know that we look forward to when you get back from Ohio and we can see you again!!!! May God rain down His peace and grace on you and your family during this difficult time.


Heather said...


I just had a chance to read what you wrote about Hana. Wow! What kind words about a very special little girl.

We are sitting in her hospital room and she is doing a little better each day. Hana is my hero too and I think the rest of her family feels similarly. We hope to bring Hana home in a couple of months healthier than when she left.

Blessings, and all our family's love,
Heather (honored to be Hana's mom)

Renee said...

She is my hero too!!