Monday, October 19, 2009

For those who were wondering...

For those who were wondering about Hana Allen - she's doing well. She is through surgery and is now nearly at 1 week post - op. She is managing things pretty well but there are some prayer requests from the family - 1. Hana is having bladder spasms from the surgery which are extremely painful! please pray they subside soon. 2. Please pray her recovery continues smoothly and uneventfully - they are beginning to remove her from tubes/pain meds etc and she was actually up and walking for the first time today. 3. Pray that Heather is able to manage her duties solo until her sister gets to Cincinnati on Wednesday as Heather's hubby had to return home. 4. Pray that no one else at home experiences any more issues! Two of Hana's siblings experience broken bones recently and their chores have been done by others' They are deamed healed and back to normal chores and school but really, they don't need any more issues!!!!! Yep, she's still my HERO!!!!

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