Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dallas TX Day 2 - Make A Wish

Day 2 we spent the day with the Joyce family - partly at their house and partly driving around parts of Dallas unknown - we did not get lost - just missed the exit we were supposed to take. That evening the Make A Wish folks scheduled us to be at Dave and Busters which is sort of like a cross between the best Hamburger Joint you've ever been to and a Pool Hall AND an arcade (guess what the kids liked best?)
I could be wrong but the Dance Dance Revolution was a hit despite no one was very good at it. We had no idea how bad at it we were until we saw a couple do it who were incredible. Yeah- Not this girl - I dance like I sing - VERY BADLY!!

BUT - the highlight of the evening I think was the ride in the Limo to and from Dave and Busters. OH YEAH!!!! The kids loved the ride in the Limo and some of us loved it because we did not have to drive in Dallas !

See the stretch Limo? We were going in style!!!!!! Thanks Make A Wish and to the Limo company that provided the ride! It was AWESOME! I also need to thank the manager at Dave and Busters who covered ALL the meals so all we paid for was the tip and a few of the fun cards (like credit cards so you can play the games) YOU all ROCK!!!!

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