Friday, November 18, 2011

A New Herdsire for CBF

A few years ago I took a doe from a friend who was battling cancer.  She was a sweet woman with a big heart who loved her goaties.  Due to circumstances beyond her control the doe showed up here with soremouth. My herd was infected and we closed our herd until we were sure it was past.  I agonized over whether to tell her but finally felt like I had to around the time I asked her permission to rehome her to a pet/retirement home.
The folks who have her love her and spoil her rotten!  Despite my protests, she paid in full for a buck - literally the buck of my dreams.  I got to pick the pedigree etc.  Andrea passed away earlier this year never seeing her gift come to fruition.  The breeder tried her best to deliver the buck I wanted but the dam wasn't wanting to cooperate with the sire. 

Last night around 5 pm a friend of mine came here and dropped off one of the most beautiful bucks I've ever seen.  The sire and dam I chose are present in his pedigree as Grandsire on dam's side and Granddam on sire's side.  I feel doubly blessed as this beautiful buck was hand chosen by the breeder to represent her herd here in NM and paid for by a very generous lady who really didn't need to do what she did.  I never felt it was her fault and KNOW she did not send a sick doe here on purpose.  I have spent some time really getting a good look at this beautiful boy.

Welcome to our farm Double SunDog FN Brave Warrior (name to honor Andrea's brave battle with cancer - she may have lost the battle to cancer but I believe in the end she WON! ).  He is out of Double SunDog ST Finn *S (Double SunDog TH Saturday *S  X ARMCH Piddlin Acres PV Gretel *D) and Double SunDog CY Honey Pot (Ironwood Ranch JD Curly X Goodwood DFW City Slicker *D) All I can say is Thank you Kathryn Lewis of Double SunDog for breeding and choosing this handsome boy for our herd and Thank you Andrea Brewer for the gift of this amazing buck.  I think he will stay here MANY years as herdsire for CBF. I am blessed!


Denise said...

That's awesome, Deanna! So glad you got the buck of your dreams!

Dianea said...

The sign of true friendship. I could feel your tears and sorrow just by reading the blog. I hope he is everything you want and more. Every time you look at him you will recall your friendship. you were blessed.