Thursday, October 20, 2011

Here it is, middle of October and our herd is at the number I need it to be
in order to afford feed for the winter.  Now, we are breeding. 
Seems odd to cut our herd so drastically in order to INCREASE it! LOL. 
This week Chattahoochi went in with MCH Lost Valley ML Asher while
CBF CS Paint Th'Sky with Stars went in with 
the very handsome Ironwoodranch A Good Intrigue*S/*B

Stars breeding will be a repeat of what produced CBF AGI Wish Upon a Star (below) 
and we already have two doeling reservations for this pair. This pair will also boast 3 Superior Genetics animals in their pedigree : SG Nizhoni's Joie de Vivre*D/*M, SG Ironwoodranch SJ Pecan 2*D/2*M and 
SG Esperanza MB Smarty Jones +*B/+*S
Wishes also went to visit her intended out at Nizhoni's.  Nizhoni's bred Nizhoni DW Tirzah 
and SG Nizhoni's Joie De Vivre *M/*D (Stars - is Joie's granddaughter)
Wishes went to visit Esperanza BF Blue Sunfire.  
This is a Smarty Jones linebreeding and should be super milky!  
Right now - we are retaining all that result from this breeding. 

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