Friday, September 23, 2011

FALL is here!

Fall is finally here
and with it so much going on at the Farm.  Garden is winding down summer production and with it canning and freezing. There is a distinctive smell in their air - Here in NM that's usually the smell of Green Chiles Roasting but here on the little farmette, it is the smell that distinctly says - Breeding season is here - BUCK STINK! 
It's also time for the Fairs. Above is the doe we have a doeling coming out of (we hope next year as this year she kidded triplet bucks) MCH Lost Valley TB Terebithia who finished at NM State Fair and is full sister to ARMCH Lost Valley TB Obie *D/*M. Now that the Fair is over, I can think clearly and start to plan a little.  WE did have an unexpected kidding this year which also made it's little mark.  CBF CS SG Ammi kidded with triplets and a lot more milk. Two of the three have already left for new homes (any one need a white buck or a sweet little pet wether?) and the last one I'd like to see go soon! 
Ammi will be on milk test - last night she milked 1.7#'s Not too bad! 
I like what I see in this girl.  Straight legs, nice topline, long, dairy, sweet disposition and a very nice udder with TINY teats (not my favorite as I prefer hand milking) 
I will probably put her up for sale in the spring because I have some nice girls with bigger, easier to milk teats. But I think she'd make a great show goat for someone who doesn't like to hand milk (Machine Milking would be easier) Plus she produces nice kids. 
IF you are interested - please contact me at
The next couple of weeks will bring updated website, pics of the girls and hopefully firming up breeding plans with the thought of having some nice girls in milk for Spring show season.  Also we will start showcasing some of our handmade Goat Milk Soaps.
As usual, It's time to go milk!

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