Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The best news EVER!

Today, after 2 months of driving back and forth to ABQ, we finally got results from all the tests.
Alyssa has had CT Scan, Bone Density, Echo Cardio, Pulmonary Function, and Labs. ALL ARE CLEAN and yes, Dr. Winter said we could wait for 6 more months before we have to go in for another CT. THAT is the best news EVER!!!!
He said she looks good and he was so glad to see her having a great time at camp two weeks ago. He said it is nice to see these kids being kids instead of green, barfing and feeling ick after a few doses of their toxic cocktail to kill the cancer. He also said he isn't going to make her do CTs once a year because he's not a huge fan of the major doses of radiation they have to undergo so after one more year of Clean Scans he's going to have her only do yearly XRays as they deliver a much lower dose of radiation than the CTs.
We must have the worlds GREATEST Dr.!!!!
YES, tears are flowing - major tears of joy!!!!


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Waahoooo!!!! That's fabulous news!


Have a happy summer now!
We have SOOOO got to get together sometime soon.


ps I've still not held that give-a-way. I've been so overwhelmed with John working in Philly and not being home the past few months, and with my riding and kids' activities. Whew! Summer is supposed to be more laid back, right?

D. said...

Summer - not busy? Wow, if you figure out how to do that - let me know!!!!
We've been crazy going to Grower's Market and still catching up on our homeschooling that we got behind in!
Let me know when you do the Give Away!

John said...

Wow thats awesome