Sunday, August 23, 2009

Valencia county Community Expo.

This last week was spent down at the Valencia County Community Expo for 4H and FFA.
It was a great week for us and for many of our friends. I hope I can remember to congratulate
everyone!!!! Nik took first place in his woodworking project (the birdhouse), Alyssa took first in her Vet 1 project (a poster on Parasites), and her photography project (2 portraits of Matthias)
She took 4th in the 4H Agility show with Taylor and Nik did well with his goat project.
We want to congratulate all the kids who worked hard and their animals made auction but especially the Sedillo kids: 2 of their 3 Boer goats made auction, one of the girl's cake made it to auction and both girls won belt buckles in the Dairy goat division. Also way to go Reatta T. for doing so well with her pig. I know more kids did really well in a lot of different areas so I just wanted to sent out Kudos to them all for their hard work and perseverence to finish their projects.

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