Monday, August 10, 2009

New Medical Updates for Alyssa

Well, after a month of rest (bliss, wonderful hospital-less bliss) we are back in for follow ups and
port flush tomorrow. SIGH! It will be fine I am sure but again, it means a whole day lost at the hospital in Albuquerque. I hate wasting my whole day in Albuquerque (gee Dee tell me how you really feel!) but we know these things are necessary. For those folks who asked if Alyssa needed more scans etc. the answer is YES. She will. The Radiation specialist thought that we wouldn't for "6 months or so" which I thought was ODD but when I called Pediatric Oncology about getting Alyssa's port flushed they didn't even know that she had finished Radiation and they said
that indeed Dr. Winter would still want her to do more scans soon. I figured as much!
but for tomorrow it's just Radiation follow up and of course a port flush.
So much fun. On a few other notes: We are about caught up with Nik for school, Alyssa is plugging away, and Suzy is ahead. The house and goat pens still need work but I'm pluggin away at that and of course all the yarn/fiber/gourd projects for upcoming shows etc. If you want to see what is up there go to or click on the link to the right.

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