Monday, May 19, 2008

Show Results

The show was Crazy - I ended up going alone with my oldest daughter. The gal who was going to ring steward was sick so I didn't show but one goat and my daughter and my niece who came showed all the goats. It was two and a half hours but we made it.
Nizhoni's Joie De Vivre*M - 4th
Nizhoni's BB Shihara's Mace - 4th
CBF Ent's Whistlin' Dixie - 6th
CBF Ent's Twinkle Lil' Star - 2nd
Flying Goat Jazzy Blues - 1st
DesertNanny JK Blue Cap'n Kidd - 1st.
Congrats to Flying Goat Annabelle (Jazzy's littermate sister) for taking Jr. Champion (owned by CKR Pygmy)
Congrats to Phantasma MD Tiara Dream for taking Sr. Champion (owned by Prairie Wood Ranch) and
Congrats to Prairie Wood Pinnacle Blue also owned by Prairie Wood Ranch - he is now a finish Champion in both ADGA and AGS.
Thank you to Judge James Haught for judging our show.

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