Thursday, January 31, 2013

If you've been following this blog for any length of time you already know that about 4 years ago I sold my herd down to 1 Oberhasli and a few young Nigerians because my daughter was diagnosed with cancer. 
I felt like I needed to sell the milkers to make it easier on my hubby who, when I was at the hospital with my daughter, was left holding down the fort at home with all the animals, a fulltime job and of course, our other two children who were homeschooled at the time.  
When I sold these goats I let 2 go that under ordinary circumstances never would have left. 
1 was our "poster child" (the one pictured on the header of our blog) SG/AR Nizhoni's Joie de Vivre*D/*M
who was possibly one of the best goats I've ever owned and a really good milker. 
The other, was her daughter, CBF TD Kokoro Kiseki 2*D. 
Possible one of the best breedings we ever did here.  Koko was one of triplets. 2 does and a buck. 
The buck is a herdsire here in NM, the other doe, CBF TD Pepper is milking (now for nearly 2 years)
at another herd and Koko went to AZ with her dam.  I had always held out hope I could get a kid 
back from one of them but it never seemed to really work - either the breeding was too close to what I had, I didn't have the money (or the time to go to AZ) or something. 

Due to a very generous offer by Koko's current owner, Lysa Roman of Lazy R Ranch, we are going to bring back a Koko buck kid - Lazy R Ranch Kosuke.  He was one of quads 3 does and 1 buck. Sire is Busy Browsers Akamai.  Kosuke means Rising Sun in Japanese.  Koko's name is Japanese meaning Hand/Heart Connection and we wanted to kind of hold on to that theme.  
This little guy who looks an awful lot like his gorgeous momma was born late January and should be arriving here some time in late March/early April. 


WeldrBrat said...

LOL Walking with faith!

Too funny!!!

Have ya' given Him the Glory, yet?

Happy for YOU!!!

D. said...

Not often enough but I should do it more! HE has been incredibly good to us!!!! Has blessed us abundantly in everything we have put our hand to!