Thursday, March 29, 2012

2012 Babies.

C4 CBF AGI Wish Upon A Star X Desert Nanny BF Blue Sunfire buck
C2 Last Straw Chattachoochee X MCH Lost Valley ML Asher (doe)
C1-Last Straw Chattahoochee X MCH Lost Valley ML Asher buck
C3 - CBF AGI Wish Upon a Star X Desert Nanny BF Blue Sunfire buck  

As you can see, kidding season has begun.  For once I did not breed all of my does to kid in Feb.  I showed a little restraint mostly because I really wanted to spread out my milk supply.   This spring has brought us a few surprises.  CBF CS Paint Th'Sky With Stars was due to kid first.  She did not, it appears she had a false pregnancy. This was a bit sad as I'd already agreed to sell her to someone post kidding when the babies were weaned.  I did not feel right asking them to wait until fall for me to have another chance so I sold her.  I was really looking forward to Wish and Captain's little siblings to be running around her and having her on the milk string for a few months while I trained the 2 FF does.  I had my eyes on Wishes as the next to kid and when I was out doing a check on Wish I noticed chatty off by herself in beginning stages of labor.  I moved her to the kidding stall and she promptly kidded with buck/doe twins (see C1 and C2 above)  C2 - CBF ASH Creme Puff is sold and going to Colorado, and I am evaluating C2 as a possible herdsire for my herd.  Chatty has a lovely glued on udder and is proving to be a nice little milker.  he is also the grandson of Intrigue and son of Asher.   I can imagine him taking his place here as a herdsire.
Wishes decided to take a clue from Chatty and got her show on the road about 4 hours later and had twin bucks.  I'm a bit disappointed as I was really hoping for at least one doe kid.  Not so.  They are lovely little boys but will most likely wind up wethers.  (see C3 and C4 above).  It's been fun having bouncy little kids around once again. And the girls are milking well considering this is their first go around!  I will put milk numbers and pics of udders on another post here in the next few days. I am milking once a day but our first milk test of the year will be next year.

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