Thursday, March 3, 2011

CBF CS Hope Diamond X Ironwoodranch A Good Intrigue

Last night at about 6:30pm Hope kidded with a singe HUGE blue eyed Flashy buckskin buckling. I was really hoping if she had a single it was a doeling but alas, NO. He's a handsome little guy and I hope he will make someone a nice wether pet.
I was NOT thinking of doing it but now that she's kidded a single buckling - Im thinking we may breed her back when we breed back Stars in April for fall kids.
This boy is extremely well built and lovely so she will be re-bred to Intrigue. I may pull this guy and bottle feed him to make sure that Hope's udder stays even. I hate to do it but I'd rather do it than have her udder uneven. Will be watching her the next day or so to see if he nurses both sides or not.

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