Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Choices Choices!

They are Finally here - the long awaited birth of the new buck from Ironwood Ranch. Ironwoodranch SJ Pecan *M/*D (AR) and Ironwoodranch SJ Snickerdoodle *B/*S gave me two choices of bucks. They were born about 1 week ago.
This little guy is Buck #1 and is Chocolate and White. the little guy above is Buck #2 and is colored like his momma Chocolate buckskin with random white. Although - I'm not looking at color! I am asking for as many opinions of the two as I can get - soooo here goes - please feel free to comment on the boys and tell me who you'd choose and why?
BTW - for anyone who wants MORE information - here is a link to momma's page
This doe is phenomenal and is related thru her dam to my Nizhoni's DW Tirzah.

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