Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Day 4 - Six Flags! and Day 5 - back home.

seeing the Joyce's was the point of our trip but of all the activities, I think Six Flags was the highlight. I hadn't been to Six Flags since I was about 11 years old - BOY has it changed. There were a few rides there from when I went as a child: Parachutes, Crazy Legs (seen here) Shock Wave and Judge Roy Scream. We did go on a few of these for Nostalgia's sake.

But really, nothing beat most of the new rides and of course, I was so busy riding rides - I didn't take pictures. Silly ME! this is the Superman (one I did not ride)
so I took pics of those riding it - Nik, Alyssa, Marissa, and Aaron. Yeah, I know you can't actually see them - but they are there in that little car!!!!

Oh, here are the parachutes. But the best ride of all (which I did NOT get a picture of - was the Batman. the Titan was pretty awesome too. I would ride them all again and then the ones I didn't get to - Tony Hawk's Big Spin, Texas Giant, Boomerang, Log ride and a few others. Darn those one hour waits - Plus, some of us wanted to ride Batman again. YEP - we closed down the park and next time (if we ever go again) we are going when it opens instead of piddling around in the morning and not making it there until almost noon!
We could have ridden at least two more rides for crying out loud!!!!!

Day 5 - this was our last day in Texas - I really wanted to go out and meet Pam Ebert of Agape Oaks where I was hoping to buy a buck from this year but alas it was not to be. The Joyce's Son, Conner, had a playoff game and we wanted to go watch. I guess ya just can't get everything in on one little trip! It was, all in all, a wonderful trip. Thank you a TRILLION to Make A Wish
for making this wish of Alyssa's come true - We were all blessed beyond measure to go spend 5 days with our dear friends and get to do some "playing" while we were there. Something we could not have done on our own. Thank you, Thank you, Thank YOU!!!!

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