Tuesday, September 22, 2009

3 More of Storm's Daughters

This week I was able to get pictures of 3 more of Storm's daughters as they were going to State Fair and were all clipped and show ready. These are his 3 daughters owned by Camino Allegre (two more does there are due this week!) This one is Camino Allegre Rogue - a Chocolate colored doe with white and some tan on her legs and belly. She is out of Camino Allegre Wendy
This lovely little girl is Camino Allegre Star who is one of twin does out of Camino Allegre Tinker Belle.

This isn't the best picture but this doe is by far the best out of the triplets (she looks like she could be a twin to our doe CBF CS Paint Th'Sky With Stars. They are both blue eyed black and white does. Her name is Camino Allegre Storm. Storm is a gorgeous doe with lots of capacity, dairy character and length of body. Nice strait topline and legs. Storm did a good job on his does and we are thrilled to hear that Storm took 2nd behind Hippity Hooves NK Wendy at the State Fair Youth show! All these does go back to our Willow's first daughter CBF Serendipidy's Laikla. Laikla has definitely laid the ground work for a nice herd for Camino Allegre and we are proud of her and the Sedillo family for ALL of their hard work over the past few years showing and breeding.
They are selling Tinker Belle, Wendy and one of the triplets (not sure if it is Rogue or Star) but if you are interested in a nice show doe out of good milk lines one of these does might work for you. Please contact me to put you in touch with Camino Allegre if you are interested in one of these lovely does.

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