Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Nizhoni's BB Shihara's Mace

This is our dry yearling Nizhoni's BB Shihara's Mace, She is our yearling dry doe. My daughter and I have determined that she has allergies to goat hair, and grass hay. We need to cut back our herd to what I can manage by myself with minimal help from her. Unfortunately that means we will offer this little beauty up for sale. She has fanatastic bloodlines from Piddlin Acres and TX Twin Creeks both sides. Please email me for pedigree and to ask any questions about this little darlin. She is related on mom's side to our doe Nizhoni's Joie de Vivre who earned her milking star this year. We have no reason to believe this little gal will do as well or possibly better. We are asking $300 for Shihara who is bred for both show and milk. She has done well in the ring for us and we would love to see what she is capable of in the pail but reality dictates otherwise. IF she isn't sold by OCT she will will be in with a buck and will still be for sale for a bit higher price.

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