Sunday, March 30, 2008

CBF Serendipidy's Laikla

This beautiful goat was the first nigie doe born here at CBF Nigerians - CBF Seredipidy's Laikla. She is a nearly 2 yo First Freshener.
She had triplets not too long ago and the judges commented on her capacious, productive, well attached FF Udder. She too was invited back to the Best Udder in Show class by the AM judge. Congrats to Linda, Nora and Natalia Sedillo on their wins yesterday with both Laikla and Zelda (Also invited to the BUS class!) She did CBF and El CErro Wind in the Willows proud yesterday!!!!! She will be joining us (we hope) on the one day milk test on April 19, 2008.
I wouldn't be one bit surprised if she starred.

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